Chat in Pig Latin, Gibberish, Pirate Talk & More

What is Atchay ?

Don’t let your messages get stale, make them a little more – interesting. How about chatting in Pig Latin? Ownay atthay ouldway ebay unfay (“Now that would be fun” for those who can’t read Pig Latin).

Atchay makes chatting in Pig Latin (and other languages) fun and easy. All you have to do is type your message normally and Atchay will automatically translate and send your message. Can’t read Pig Latin? Don’t worry, Atchay has an option to view all messages as they were originally typed.

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Why use Atchay ?

Stop that nosey neighbor from reading your messages over your shoulder

Annoy your little brother who can't read Pig Latin

Add some fun to your text messages

Atchay Download

Atchay is available for iOS and Android mobile devices. Go download it now and then tell your friends so you can start chatting.

Atchay Translations

The Atchay mobile app automatically translates your message and sends it to your friends. Here are samples of how the message "My friends are awesome!" is translated into the included languages.

Atchay screen shots

Curious what it looks like to use Athcay? Here are a few screenshots

Messages are automatically translated.

Chat with one friend or start a group chat.

Choose from the many language translations.

Atchay Upgrades

Unlock all the features of Atchay with these In-App Purchases.



  • Remove Ads
  • Allow Group Chats With Friends
  • Unlock Morse Code & Reverse Translations

Language Pack


  • Pirate Talk (great for Talk Like a Pirate Day)
  • Gibberish
  • Tutnese
  • Izzle (Snoop Dog would be proud)